Viennese coffee

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Viennese coffee

True coffee lovers rejoice in finding different coffee recipes every day to enjoy in the morning. Therefore, when discovering the history and the ease with which we can make a Viennese coffee, we do not hesitate to bring you the recipe. We always seek a new way of feeling, waking up or dreaming. Join us!

A little history

What is hidden behind the Viennese coffee? Well, the story is very short and many consider it to be invalid, but it seemed impressive to us. The story goes that after the liberation of Vienna, Italy, the troops of the Turkish empire left the area in despair, leaving behind many of their supplies. Among them were several bags of coffee, but at that time these beans had not yet spread throughout Europe. Upon discovering them, one of the first Viennese coffee shops was founded and began to be marketed as a drink and with a slightly different touch to how we enjoy it today.

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The recipe

The Viennese coffee recipe is very simple. To make it, you will only use the coffee you use regularly, sugar and whipped cream. Of course, since the coffee we use is espresso, you must have a coffee maker precisely for it and that’s it, you can get down to work. This recipe is very popular in Vienna, of course, but it is also regularly marketed in Budapest and Spain.


  1. Make a coffee, small or double espresso, with a great concentration and intensity of its flavor.
  2. While your Viennese coffee is being made, beat your whipped cream in a cocktail shaker until it reaches a medium density.
  3. Once ready, add at least two teaspoons of sugar, as this recipe is somewhat sweet
  4. Subsequently, it is up to you to lengthen your coffee a little with water or milk, if you want it a little lighter.
  5. Be sure to serve your coffee in a clear glass cup or glass, so you can enjoy the mix of colors that will occur instantly.
  6. With the help of a spoon, pour the whipped cream over your drink, so that the Viennese coffee is ready.
  7. Many people also prefer to sprinkle cinnamon, grated pure chocolate or cereals at the end to decorate.

Other types of Viennese coffee

As always, we like to bring you other fun combinations. Without a doubt, Viennese coffee is an expresso coffee, very intense and sweet, but that leaves you in love with the touches you add to the drink. Your clients or guests will fall in love with this recipe and you can also offer them other variations with very creative names, but simply delicious.

Viennese coffee with milk: We can obtain a longer coffee if we put half the milk and the other half the coffee in the glass. We mix it and crown it with the cream.

Viennese coffee with liquor: Before putting the cream, add a splash of the liquor of your choice to the coffee, without a doubt it will be something totally new and if you sprinkle orange zest on top, it will become unforgettable.

Viennese coffee with honey: If you love sweets to the fullest, this variant is for you. Instead of using sugar, add honey to your espresso and without a doubt, you will obtain a delicious and unique palate.

A coffee at your height

Has your mouth watered yet? The Café Hampei team is undoubtedly already preparing one. It’s time to put what you learn into practice and get ahead with a good Viennese coffee. Enjoy it alone, with friends or family, but don’t forget to share this wonderful recipe with those you love most. For those who dream a lot and sleep little, there is nothing to get in the way of going for a cup of coffee.

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