Our coffee beans of the SHB (Strictly Hard Been) variety originate from high mountain crops where the density of the bean concentrates more flavor (between 1200 and 1500 meters of altitude).


Caturra and Catuai varieties from the Tarrazú region in Costa Rica where they grow wild and generate all the properties and benefits that each of their grains brings us.

These lands provide that finesse, delicacy and

the characteristic aroma of the Arabica species native to these areas of cool climates.


It does not contain other ingredients or substances of vegetable, animal or mineral origin, it is obtained 100% from roasted “golden” coffee with humidity lower than 12%.


The grains are wholesome, clean, fresh, consistent, free of odors, flavors and foreign matter, free of bacteria and chemical agents.

Our range of Hampei coffees covers a wide variety of roasting intensities and types of grinding to  fill the most select cups with the best aroma, taste and tradition.