At Hampei we combine the traditional experience of the coffee industry since 1872, with the best quality of Costa Rican beans, to create an incredible selection of sophisticated pleasure coffees that mark the beginning of a new era of quality.


We select the best berries from the production together with the farmers from the origin farms, with time and experience, extract the red cherries from the coffee tree, essential to obtain a Gourmet bean.

Once the best fruits have been harvested, they go on to the next process where each bean is treated. The outer part of each fruit is removed and used by the producers to create organic fertilizer for the coffee plantations.


They soak the grains in water for a few hours to remove the mucilage, a gelatinous layer that covers the seed and put the grains to dry in the sun.


The coffee is stored in parchment, the last layer that maintains the freshness of the bean and is peeled just before the roasting process.

The quality of each coffee bean is conditioned by a large number of factors that surround it during its cultivation and production.


The climate, the treatment of the land and the plantations, the adequate altitude for cultivation, the composition of the soil, the harvesting process and the treatment process of the grain are the factors that will determine its de nitive properties, bene ts, avor, aroma and delicacy.


Is why we give so much importance to each part of the Hampei coffee production process to avoid problems to the final result and to be able to guarantee a quality coffee.