The perfect blend of Hampei Coffee

mezcla de café

The perfect blend of Hampei Coffee

Do you always buy the same brand of coffee at the supermarket or do you try to try a different palate every week? This says a lot about you, your preferences and the perfection of the mixes you buy. A good coffee is not only useful to wake you up in the morning, but to create lifestyles by consuming unique drinks.

Just as good rum needs to be aged for several years or bread needs a few hours to grow, each food or drink needs time and dedication to reach the right point of consumption. True master coffee roasters go through several processes before sealing packages with the perfect blend.

The coffee journey

Before reaching your cup, coffee goes through several processes. However, there are two essential ways to produce it: single-sourced or mixed. The first consists of growing coffee in a specific region of the planet and roasting each harvest. In this way, a brand’s coffee is exposed to having different flavors in each one of them, due to changes in the climate and the time of year when crops are grown. On the contrary, the production of mixed coffee uses crops from several places and farms and, according to the palate of the roasting professional, the same flavor is always obtained.

But, of course, this was not always the case. In the beginning, only Ethiopian coffee was brought. From now on, we expand the plant to all parts of the world, managing to have coffees of different origins and with different nuances. Hampei Coffee is 100% Costa Rican and we use the mixture as a seal to differentiate our products.

The chemistry of coffee

Several factors influence coffee blends: the beans, their exposure to the sun and, of course, the roasting. Previously, we have commented on the types of coffee roasting, clarifying that we have blonde, medium and dark coffee. With light roasts the nuances are better tasted. However, at Café Hampei all blends are good, as the master roasters are dedicated to mixing four different types of coffee to give the best expression and texture to the drink.

The perfect mix requires that the beans have been picked, roasted and packed in the last few weeks. In this way they preserve their properties and that characteristic aroma that makes us fall in love with coffee. The drink from Latin America, apart from creating arabic blends, tends to be sweeter and have more cream and body.

mezcla perfecta

We have an artisanal roasting, generating different types of coffee. Here we tell you each step:

  1. In a beneficiary, a place where coffee is obtained from the cherry, the fruits are harvested. All the grains are 100% Costa Rican and are collected from high places that give it a more select flavor.
  2. From the fruits obtained, the reddest are selected and the coffee beans are extracted.
  3. For a long time, the beans are placed in the sun to dry before going to the roasting process.
  4. Once dry, they are placed in special and professional machines to roast the coffee beans, of four top quality varieties.
  5. A master roaster constantly checks your color until you achieve the blonde, medium, or dark shade of your desired blend. They are true professionals, we could call them the magicians of Café Hampei.
  6. Boiling water is poured over the roasted and ground coffee and left to rest for 8 minutes. In this way the flavors and smells of our coffee settle.
  7. Once each one is savored, the perfect blends are chosen, which are the ones that are finally placed in our coffee packages.


At Café Hampei, we ensure through our mix the loyalty of our customers. They know that our flavor, blonde, medium or dark, will remain constant at any time of the year. We offer quality, consistency, lightness, balance, attractiveness and a concentrate of flavors that will explode on your palate. Creating the perfect mix is ​​no fluke. It is a process that requires time, patience and experience. Only in this way, it is possible to get the exquisite drink that we bring to your cup every day.

"It is easier to change religion than coffee" - Georges Courteline
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