The discovery of coffee: a brief history

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The discovery of coffee: a brief history

How many years have you started your mornings with a cup of coffee, shared it with friends or used it to end your nights of work or study? Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and, of course, it must have its history. At Café Hampei we wanted to tell you this short story, but in great detail. Do you dare to discover it and tell everyone in the future?

A story from Ethiopia

There are several legends surrounding the discovery of coffee, but without a doubt the most accepted is that of an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi. It is said that he lived between the years 300 d. C. and the fifteenth century, when coffee berries already occurred naturally. The story explains that, in a mountainous area, the shepherd took his goats during the day to graze and began to notice unusual behavior in them.

The effect caused in the goats was invigorating, agitated, energizing, euphoric, different and even fun. Shocked, he decided to find out where this strange behavior came from and discovered that the animals were eating some unknown red fruit. He himself brought some coffee berries and decided to try them. His senses also sharpened, and the shepherd experienced increased strength, a more alert sense, and less sleep at night.


Bring the drink to church

It is still disputed whether the information was spread among the locals or it was, as is more credible, the story that Kaldi brought the coffee beans to the monks of the monastery. These, it is said, cooked the berries by boiling as a tea, but the result was not pleasant at all. If one day you try it, you will see that you get a bitter infusion without a pleasant smell.

Disappointed, the monks threw the drink into the fire and when the coffee beans were roasted, the smell was so perfect that they decided to give the matter a second chance. The coffee beans went through several processes, although not as perfect as today, but they were roasted and ground. However, we are left with the question of what was the initial method to cook the first good coffee as a drink.

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A drink of gods with an incredible history

Since then, the monks drank coffee to keep from falling asleep. From Ethiopia, coffee traveled to the entire world and, today, some areas are coffee producers par excellence. Its aroma is one of our favorite smells and its flavor invites us to drink, over and over again, the best drinks in the world. At Café Hampei, we offer you a high-altitude coffee, with history, an Arabic blend since 1872, a new way of feeling.

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