A strong coffee please

café cargadito

A strong coffee please

What do they call very strong coffee in your city? There are those who say that it is simply the expresso and others that it is the combination of coffees. But really, what is strong coffee? When in doubt, we began to investigate and here we bring you our conclusions. Then tell us in the comments or on networks if you had ever tried it and for what purposes. We love to hear from you.

¿Qué es el café cargado?

According to the Larousse Kitchen Dictionary, a strong coffee consists of a very strong and bitter coffee whose flavor does not come from the roasting process, but from a double dose of the drink in your cup. That is, twice the amount you drink in the morning will make a double coffee. The most striking thing is that, regardless of whether you mix it with milk, chocolate or alcohol, the drink will always bear the name of strong coffee.

Does this then also translate to higher caffeine consumption? It depends, each type of roasting implies a different level of caffeine in the final product. An Arabica roast will have sweeter tones and aromas, but a robust one has a higher concentration of caffeine. Either way, you’ll get a double dose of this reserve protein, but not always what you need for specific activities. Even a strong coffee can be made up of two decaffeinated ones.

How to do it?

Preparing a strong coffee is not very science. However, if it is your first time making one, we recommend you read about the different methods of preparing it and here we bring you some basic steps for it. First, choose the variety you like and the type of roast you normally use. For a more intense flavor, buy the coffee grades and grind them at home, this will give you a stronger and fresher effect.

At the time of preparation, it is usual to use 11 g of coffee for 180 mL of water or what is the same, one unit of coffee for every ¾ cup. Therefore, if you want to have a stronger or stronger coffee, all you have to do is increase the proportion between the ingredients. Try adding two units of coffee to the same amount of water. Little by little you will shape your tastes and add or remove water and coffee.

preparar café cargado

When to drink strong coffee?

Each food or drink has a different purpose in our diet. Coffee is one of the most controversial and even more so if we talk about taking twice as much caffeine in a single dose. However, many have found spaces where more than delicious is necessary. Of course, without drinking it in excess, coffee can also become our ally on some occasions.


before training

Drinking a double coffee 30 minutes before training favors and increases fat burning. Coffee is an antioxidant drink, which translates into disease prevention and a better health system. Once investigated, it was found that yes, sports performance improves when we drink coffee before training. Therefore, coffee is excellent before training, as it will give you energy and help maximize your results. In addition, coffee will help you have less muscle pain and feel more satiated after the workout.

For long work shifts

If you have a profession with long shifts or night shifts, you are most likely a victim of the myth that you need multiple cups of coffee. It’s just that, a myth, because a double cup of coffee can have the same effect without negatively affecting your health. For long work shifts, it should be taken in order to reduce fatigue, stress, increase productivity and create better social relationships. Combine your coffee with a 30-minute nap before going to work; They can be a magnificent couple for you.

café cargado en el trabajo


After a night of partying

Let’s speak clearly, we have all gone to a party at some point and then we have not wanted to get up. If you have pending housework or you have to go to work, you will feel little strength and desire. However, coffee is not the solution. The ingestion of alcoholic beverages favors the dehydration of the body and coffee is one of the drinks that also does it. So coffee will give you a sense of alertness and recovery, but it can’t actually give you the nutrients you need. Preferably, reduce your alcohol consumption, stay hydrated and rest.

For stomach ache

After going to the bathroom several times, many recommend having a cup of coffee to “straighten” the stomach. This myth arises from the properties of coffee for health, but it does not apply in all situations. In this case, on an empty stomach it is not suggested to drink coffee and less loaded, even this can translate into a major ailment. Fasting coffee causes the stomach walls to swell and in the long run, can lead to ulcers or gastritis.


A strong coffee? Yes, please, but not excessively. We know that everything, in excess, will affect our health. If you feel like you need an energy boost, order your favorite drink with one or two times its ingredients, but pay attention to all the signals from your body. Actually, we love it, but we should consume the strong coffee only as many times as necessary.

“In fact, this seems to be a basic need of the human heart in every major crisis: a nice hot cup of coffee.”. - Rey Alejandro
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