Properties of coffee: advantages and disadvantages of its use

Propiedades del café

Properties of coffee: advantages and disadvantages of its use

If you are one of those addicted to coffee, surely more than once you have been told about its harmful effects on your health. However, various investigations around the world have proven otherwise. The various properties of coffee can be beneficial for your body. Of course, as long as you do not consume it in excess.

Many people, just when they get up, have a cup of coffee. This drink has been associated with waking up fresh and with the energy needed to study and work all day. However, not everyone knows that it also has other properties that can improve your life in the short and long term. Here we have synthesized them for you.

What are the properties of coffee?

There are various types and ways to prepare your coffee: with or without sugar, decaffeinated, black or white… Yes, you read that correctly. In recent years, white coffee has become popular, but we will talk about this later. Coffee, in any of its variants, brings with it important benefits.

Its antioxidant property is good for improving skin and hair. In this same order, it can help you burn fat, not only in a diet to lose weight and reduce cellulite, but also in the prevention of diseases such as gout or fatty liver. In its simplest form or after use, it can become an excellent exfoliator for the skin.

The feeling of being more alert after drinking coffee is due to its diuretic effect, which favors brain connections, increases adrenaline and improves your ability to concentrate and memory. That is why coffee is good one or two hours before doing physical exercises or when facing a job or exam.

Coffee also has components that help prevent disease. For example, being an antidepressant lowers the risk of depression and reduces the risk of suicide. Then yes! People who drink coffee are happier.

What about the sugar in my coffee?

By adding sugar to your coffee, you modify its natural properties. Therefore, to get the most of its benefits, you better take it bitter. Always think about your health, and you will see how easy it is to get used to it. If you are really looking to prevent some diseases, this will be your best option.

  • Diabetes is a disease that arises when the pancreas stops secreting the insulin necessary to counteract the sugar you consume. If you put less or no sugar in your coffee, you will be helping your body to avoid type 2 diabetes.
  • Alzheimer’s has affected the world’s population for years, and its definitive cure does not seem to be very close yet. However, this drink of your choice has proven to be very good at delaying its first symptoms. Your short-term memory improvement is guaranteed.
  • Various types of cancers such as uterine, prostate, liver and breast cancers can also be delayed thanks to the daily cup of coffee. Of course, they are not a foolproof remedy either, but you will be much better off with it.
  • Oral health also benefits from drinking unsweetened coffee. It’s not new to anyone that sugar causes cavities, so before you feel the pain, choose to eliminate it from your diet.
  • A healthy heart and strong, steady blood flow are other benefits of not adding sugar to coffee. As we mentioned, you do not modify its properties, and they help you prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Agility, although it is not a disease, is a skill that we look for on a day-to-day basis. So you’ll want to know that unsweetened coffee can reduce internal inflammation and help you improve your movements.

Are there differences between black coffee and white coffee?

The new popular white coffee is actually yellow. The difference lies in the time and temperature at which the roasting takes place. At Café Hampei we have medium and blonde blends among our products. However, as with the controversy between pure or decaffeinated coffee, there are no differences between black and white coffee.

In reality, caffeine is still the main nutritional element in coffee and in any of its variants it has the same properties and benefits. On the other hand, white coffee has more antioxidants, is less bitter and has a greater taste of nuts.

Despite its properties, do not drink coffee in excess

Now that you know a little more about the magnificent properties of coffee, it is important that you know how much to consume it and which people should stay away from it. The recommendation is no more than four cups of coffee a day. Its effects would be contrary to those expected: insomnia, restlessness and headache. So avoid it hours before sleeping.

Pregnant women should also avoid this drink. Consuming more than one cup of coffee in the day will not be good for the baby and may even induce premature labor. In the case of children, you should not supply them with this drink or others with sugars, they have enough energy.


For those who dream a lot and sleep little, coffee is the ideal drink. Your plans and your health will go hand in hand if you consume the recommended amount of coffee every day. It is important that you know its advantages and disadvantages so that you drink the best coffee and can enjoy it for longer.

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