Planting coffee at home: a plant of life very close

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Planting coffee at home: a plant of life very close

Since you drink coffee every day, have you ever thought about planting a coffee plant at home? We do and we took on the task of investigating if it is possible and profitable to have one of these plants at home. Although we can find it in any supermarket or local store, planting our own coffee can be very comforting and natural. Ways do exist, it’s just a matter of getting down to it.

In which space of the house to plant coffee?

Do not hold back if you live in a small apartment, you can plant it in a pot or wait for it to grow for a few years and transplant it to an open place. Coffee plants are long-lived crops. Initially, the plant will begin to germinate, then it will be taken to a larger container and you will collect the fruits in a few years. It is essential that you find the perfect place, but while you do, you can grow it in your kitchen, your living room or your patio in a small container.

The perfect steps

The first step is to go for the seeds to plant the coffee. Go to a specialized store and make sure they have seeds from recent harvests. Another option is to buy the plant already germinated and just take it home, but let’s face it, this would lose its excitement. Once you have the seeds in your hands, you will start by looking for the right container to plant it. It is also very important that you choose the right land and that it is appropriate for the time of year in which you start the plantation.

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To plant it has been said

The initial container can even be a coffee cup, only it should have a small hole underneath so that the water can filter properly. A tupperware, a pot, an old toy… everything can be an excellent space to plant your seeds at home. For this step, which will be the germination of the coffee plant, we have some important indications.

  1. Pick the right time to plant. The most recommended thing is that you do it in winter or in early spring.
  2. Make a hole in the ground about 1 cm deep, place your seeds there and cover them well.
  3. Water it with plenty of water the first few days and then do it about twice a week.

Moving to another area

It will take your coffee plant two to six months to germinate, but once it does, it will need to be moved to a larger space where it can develop to between 3 and 7 meters. To transplant them, there are also some indications that you should know, for example, that this time you will put your germinated plants at a depth of 4 cm and leaving a separation of 2.5 meters between each plant.

The care

You should know that taking care of a coffee plant will take several years and for its development to be optimal, the soil must be at a temperature of 25°C. The soil should be moist but not waterlogged, so water it generously every two or three days. Prevent your plants from getting sick and grow healthy. From 8 months it will begin to flower and bear fruit, but these first grains are not the best to take. On the contrary, cut a little pruning the plant every so often. Also add fertilizers and anti-plague liquids.


Drink the coffee

Without a doubt, after a few years, you will be able to enjoy your favorite drink grown with your own hands. First you will collect them, you will pass them through a process of fermentation, washing and drying. You will then need to apply yourself with the roasting and grinding processes and enjoy your drink. It would be very convenient to have our coffee at home instead of going to the store for it. Although it is challenging, finding the spiritual side of planting our own coffee will enrich our souls and will, truly or ideally, accentuate the flavor of your coffee.

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