Influence of coffee on cholesterol

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Influence of coffee on cholesterol

When so many cups of coffee are drunk daily in the world, so many people cannot be wrong. However, various news sites, articles, and forums on the Internet overwhelm us with both their benefits and their negative effects. But is it true that coffee raises cholesterol? Discover with us what the most recent studies have said about it.

Cholesterol-Related Chemicals in Coffee

First of all, it is very important that you know that it is a resounding NO that caffeine influences cholesterol. However, there are other compounds within the drink that can alter the concentrations of free cholesterol in the blood (LDL or HDL). These compounds are called cafestol and kahweol. But how do we know how much of each element is in our cup of tea?

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Preparation method

Not only the cafestol and kahweol in your coffee influence the increase in cholesterol, but also biological factors, the coffee beans or ground, and the human hand during the preparation of the drink. A higher lipid fraction is found in the grains, but roasting and grinding increase the fat content of the beverage, especially in Arabic blends. On the other hand, cholesterol from coffee is more likely to increase in men than in women and from instant coffees.

The methods of preparing coffee are very diverse, but thanks to current studies on the subject, it has also been recognized that they influence the concentration of fats and, therefore, the increase in cholesterol. The idea, to explain it simply, is that the longer the coffee is exposed to water, the higher the concentration of lipids in the final drink.

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Infused coffees, such as French and Turkish, are the ones that make cholesterol rise the most. However, those coffees that are quickly prepared have less influence on free cholesterol in the blood, such as espresso, American and others, which go through paper filters, which retain terpene compounds.

My health first

If you are a patient with high cholesterol all the time, consider eliminating or at least reducing your daily coffee intake. We always recommend that you do not drink more than 5 cups a day and if, in addition, you suffer from this pathology, all the more reason. Also reduce decaffeinated coffee, we have already seen that caffeine is not the main cause. We love coffee, but everything in excess becomes harmful.

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For our dear coffee growers at Café Hampei we always have updated content. This week we leave behind our delicious recipes and their properties and we have brought you a new curiosity. Coffee, depending on your gender, its presentation and the way it is prepared, will influence your blood cholesterol levels, so it is better not to miss this warning and take it into account from now on.

Enjoy Café Hampei, for those who dream a lot and sleep little.
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