Green coffee and its properties

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Green coffee and its properties

Like so many diets and magic drinks to lose weight, green coffee has been on everyone’s lips for this purpose. But does it really have these miraculous properties? In reality, perseverance and a balanced diet will offer you better results, but in our search we came across excellent properties of this coffee with an unusual color. Do you know them? Stay with us so you find out everything.

A green coffee?

First of all, you may be wondering if it is the same coffee you are used to drinking with some kind of added coloring. Not really. Green coffee comes from the same mountain or plain plantations, however, it does not go through the roasting process with which the blonde, medium and dark blends of our usual beverages are obtained.

Therefore, green coffee is the result of green beans picked and not roasted. As a result, coffee does not lose many of its natural properties and provides the human body with other important substances. However, it does not go through caramelization processes either, so its bitter taste may not be to everyone’s liking. For its consumption, the natural grains are ground and infusions are prepared with them.

Differences between black coffee and green coffee

Goes through different roasting processes after collection

One cup contains approximately 100g of caffeine

It has greater aroma and nuances in the final drink

Requires that the grains have fully matured

You get a dark drink

It is ground directly after collecting the grains

One cup contains only 20 g of caffeine

It is more bitter in the final drink

It is packaged before its total maturation

You get a clear drink

Lose weight: your most sought after benefit

Green coffee is not a miracle drink to combat the kilos that we have more. Only a balanced diet and our personal purpose will help us lose them. Of course, the properties of this natural coffee can help speed up our metabolic processes and help us along the way. This natural drink is rich in chlorogenic acid, which will help reduce body fat, better absorbing and using glucose from your diet and will make you feel fuller for longer.

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Immune system

As when we were children, our body becomes stronger as we introduce unknown elements into it. Green coffee has many properties that we do not acquire in the usual black coffee. For example: it helps protect us against free radicals (which damage our DNA, lipids, proteins and increase the risk of cancer), fungi and some viruses. Additionally, it lowers blood sugar levels, improving overall health for people with diabetes.

Antioxidant green coffee

Like black coffee, green coffee has antioxidant properties but in a higher concentration. The health of our skin, therefore, will improve and acquire a rejuvenating effect, also preventing the appearance of wrinkles. On the other hand, it will help prevent heart disorders, arthritis, some vision problems, and osteoporosis.

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The hair will also receive the benefits of the most natural coffee, as it combats the harmful and toxic elements that seek to mistreat it. In this way, our scalp gains strength, shine and health. Male pattern baldness can also be prevented with a daily dose of green coffee. Although it is inevitable, recent studies suggest that it is possible to delay it by making the hair grow and its thickness.

Mind and brain health

Green coffee beans also help reduce stress and blood pressure. The same chlorogenic acid compound reduces blood pressure, although in hypertensive patients it can have the opposite effect. Although it has a much lower concentration of caffeine, it will also help you stay focused on your activities. It has also been shown that green coffee can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s.

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Green coffee contraindications

As well as helping with diabetes, it also lowers very high cholesterol, decreases the chances of cardiac arrest, and generally detoxifies the body. However, as each body is different, green coffee can also react negatively in some people, especially those with previous conditions.

  • Agitation, anxiety, irregular heartbeat, and headache may occur.
  • Avoid consumption during pregnancy until relevant studies are done on whether it will affect the baby.
  • Stress and anxiety worsen.
  • Do not use during hemorrhagic processes.
  • Do not drink it during stomach affections.
  • It worsens glaucoma and cataracts.
  • While taking other medications, check with your GP if you should continue to drink green coffee.


These last recommendations should not interfere with the fact that, by doing it differently, it will cause damage to your body. Green coffee, on the other hand, is full of properties and benefits for you. We already want to try it! If you did not know him before, you have probably been surprised by this article. At Café Hampei we like to bring you the best and most interesting things about our favorite drink. Follow us on Instagram (@hampeicoffee) and answer all our quizzes.

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