Greek coffee: a new recipe for you

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Greek coffee: a new recipe for you

At Café Hampei, we love discovering new recipes with our favorite drink. Doing a little search, we came across one even more interesting, attractive and with a high historical content. We refer to Greek coffee, an essence that contains tranquility, exquisite flavors and even clues to your future. Yes, that and more! Discover with us a new way of feeling.

An unusual provenance

In general, when we bring you coffee recipes, you can do it with espresso, American and even soluble coffee. However, Greek coffee has a certain peculiarity and that is that you cannot prepare it if it is not with grains from Greece itself. Two of the well-known brands that you may be able to buy online are Loumidis and Bravo coffee.

What’s so special about Greek coffee? Well, it is much more aromatic than other roasts, the bean is extremely ground and contains less caffeine. Of course, it is not roasted, so its flavor can be somewhat intense and slightly bitter.

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The special coffee

Remember when we talked about the different methods of making your coffee? In that entry we referred to Turkish coffee, which was cooked in a kind of very small saucepan called cezce. For Greek coffee, there is also a similar coffee maker, called “briki”, only the time and way of cooking the drink varies. Rather it could be similar to an infusion, but with a much more delicious and intense effect.

The coffee pot is small and taller than it is wide. It is made of brass or copper and has a long handle, usually covered in wood, which is used to bring the drink to the fire and avoid burning yourself. The briki is used over a very low heat and once it starts to boil it is removed from cooking. Another essential element for you to obtain a typical Greek coffee is to do it on a gas stove, since the electric ones tend to change its final flavor somewhat.

The sugar seal

Greek coffee adds water, coffee and sugar at the same time. The briki ensures that, without stirring them, they melt and a very special drink emerges. Depending on how much sugar you add to it, you will get different names for your coffee. Here we bring them all to you so you can get to know them and put them into practice. A true delight!

  • Sketos: It is prepared without any sugar.
    Métrios: Contains the same amount of sugar as coffee (for example, one tablespoon of each ingredient).
    Glikós: Use twice as much sugar as coffee in its preparation.
    Vary Glykos: You put 3 teaspoons of sugar for two tablespoons of coffee.

Now yes, the Greek coffee recipe

To make it you will only need two or three ingredients, depending on whether you like to add sugar or not, and a briki for cooking. The quantities are minimal, because the container does not support much, at most 4 cups of coffee (expresso type). Also take it as the measure of water and tablespoons to measure both sugar and coffee.

  1. Determine how many people are going to drink your laundry, so that you add the same number of cups of water (one cup of espresso for each person).
  2. The order is optional, so add a tablespoon of coffee to the briki for each cup of water and add the amount of sugar of your choice.
  3. Stir all the ingredients until they are integrated and bring them to the fire.
  4. Keep the cooking steady and low and don’t stir or move it.
  5. Once it starts to boil, remove it from the heat and pour it into the coffee cups to let it rest.
  6. Remove the foam and in a few minutes you will have an authentic Greek coffee on your table.
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Enjoy greek coffee

Another tip for your enjoyment is that you delay drinking it, even longer than an American coffee. Greek coffee is drunk among friends and family, so it is drunk for a long time and sharing laughter and stories. Tradition dictates that it be drunk in the morning or after a siesta in the afternoon, the times when we are most stressed. In addition, it is said that once you have drunk your coffee, at the bottom there will be some remains that represent letters, animals and even drawings… there you can read your future.

Get to know the Greek customs by delighting yourself with a coffee and if you cannot drink it in the very country, we will bring you the solution at home. Remember that Café Hampei is inspired by those who dream a lot and sleep little, what are you waiting for to join this great family? Learn about the art and world of coffee on our blog every week. A new way of feeling.

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