Coffee to lose weight: myth or reality?

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Coffee to lose weight: myth or reality?

In January all the miracle diets begin to fulfill the purpose of losing weight in the new year. However, few of us have really reached our goal. Among the recommended diets, there is one that has caught our attention, due to the direct relationship it has with our product: coffee. Therefore, we have decided to bring you an objective description of the properties of the drink and the pounds you want to lose.

These types of diets are based on the detoxification of the entire body of other substances. As with coffee, you can hear similar regimens with just water, tea, or energy drinks. However, we consider that it is preferable to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Our body, just for a few days, can develop an apparent loss of weight. It’s fast, it’s effective, but is it healthy?

Why we can consider it?

Coffee, especially without sugar, can have a ton of benefits for your body. As we have commented on our blog before, it highlights the acceleration of human metabolism. Where is this? As circulation is improved, there is an increase in energy and heat dissipated by the body. Therefore, fats are released faster from ingested food.

The absorption and burning of fat increases when we drink coffee, up to 100 calories lost per day. This is due to better digestion and the energy the body produces while at rest. The body will be more attentive to its own signals and will be able to control the appetite. Caffeine helps suppress the feeling of hunger and the desire to eat for a certain time.

In turn, you will help purify your body, expelling all the toxic compounds that you have ingested through your urine. You will reduce blood sugar levels and generate a greater balance to your system. In this way, you will gain weight loss, improve your way of life and increase your life expectancy.

Why we should not consider it?

Coffee does not work the same in everyone’s body, because caffeine is not tolerated in the same way. Consuming coffee in large quantities can lead to digestive irritation or intoxication, nausea, diabetes, and increased blood pressure. On the other hand, we will have negative consequences in the short and long term, such as irritability, anxiety, insomnia or nervousness. That is why it is important to rationalize the amounts of coffee we drink daily.

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So what is the perfect diet?

Coffee is a perfect substitute for the hours when we crave a snack. Before indulging in breads, sweets and other high-calorie foods, it is preferable that you include cups of coffee in your diet. Choose to drink up to three coffees a day and not mix too strong. Both the arabic mix and the decaf are light drinks that will help you meet your goal.

In addition to coffee, accompany your diet with foods rich in fiber and avoid refined carbohydrates and processed foods. Try not to take your body more than 1500 calories a day and combine them with your three cups of coffee a day. Also do not add sugar, sweetener or cream, but do not give up your favorite drink or your health. We believe that the most important thing is your happiness. Do not subject your body to extreme treatments, even when you are ingesting your favorite beverage.

Enjoy a coffee ... enjoy Café Hampei.
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