Coffee: The first thing of the day?

Café de la mañana

Coffee: The first thing of the day?

If you have come this way, you are surely a coffee lover. However, with what we like, reading this news can be disappointing: “Coffee should not be the first drink when you wake up.” Wow! We have already said it. However, we believe it necessary to explain the scientific reasons for this fact.

It turns out that, contrary to what we have thought all our lives, coffee does not help you wake up. Some researchers – surely as addicted as we are to drinking – set about studying the relationship of coffee with our body and discovered the best times of the day to take advantage of its properties.

First: The circadian rhythm

You may not know it, but the physical, mental and behavioral changes that occur during the day in our body are called circadian rhythms. They are mediated by the sunlight we receive, our environment, our actions, and, of course, the food and drink we eat. That is why coffee may or may not function as a catalyst for our energies.

To regulate coffee consumption, therefore, you must know your body perfectly. Caffeine achieves different effects in each person, perhaps you are one of those who does not notice the difference or one of those who after a certain hour will not be able to fall asleep. This is determined by your sensitivity to caffeine. So knowing you, you must choose one or other hours to drink this drink.

The type and amount of caffeine will also be important elements. Depending on the properties of coffee, it is recommended not to drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day, or the equivalent of 350 mg of caffeine. Try to alternate between different types of coffee, as you will develop a certain resistance to it and you will not be able to stay awake or fall asleep. The different types of roasting will help you understand the differences between a strong coffee, American, latte or any of its attractive variants.

What does caffeine do for us?

Cortisol is a hormone that we have in our body naturally, very similar to caffeine. When we wake up, our body does not need extra coffee yet, as the hormone will keep us awake and active for at least three hours. This means that you won’t need the coffee until then, when your cortisol levels start to drop.

Caffeine is the quintessential sleep suppressant and will help restore your energy to those low peaks throughout the day. In effect, it makes us feel more awake and energetic. However, taking it before work can generate an opposite result in us and overexpose us to situations of nerves and stress. In addition, you will create a certain tolerance to coffee and we do not want that, the drink is a great ally for day to day.


Efectos de la cafeína

So what time do I have my coffee?

Were you looking for exact times in this article? Well, assuming you get up early, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., these are the best times to have coffee. Some authors have described them as the magic hours, because by taking just a cup of coffee we can regain our spirit and carry out our tasks with greater energy.

Of course, you don’t want to drink coffee before going to bed. Your brain connections will be reactivated, preventing you from getting the deep and restful sleep you need to start a new journey. Try not to drink coffee in the four hours before your sleep cycle.

It is possible that, as we explained, you have differentiated the times of the day where you are most spirited and most productive. You must learn to create a perfect balance between your tastes and your circadian rhythm. Only then can you get the most out of your favorite drink.


Go through the first hours of the day without drinking coffee if possible, even when we feel devotion and almost abstinence for it. Check out some healthy breakfast blogs and move coffee a little later in the morning. As always, the invitation to enjoy a delicious coffee while you read us has been made. Sure, as long as you are in the magic hours.

At Café Hampei: "I orchestrate my mornings to the sound of coffee." - Harry Mahtar
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