Coffee and lemon?

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Coffee and lemon?

As another of the trends that appear in our daily lives, the “miraculous” combination of coffee with lemon has become fashionable a few months ago. Various media and blogs claim that the drink helps to eliminate headaches, upset stomach, improve our skin and even lose weight. However, is this claim just a TikTok fad or something grounded?

Health benefits of coffee

As we have mentioned before and according to the properties of coffee, it is possible that, in fact, it has many health benefits. For example, it helps protect the liver, stimulate neurons and prevent depression. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases, heart disease, Parkinson’s or type 2 diabetes and helps increase physical performance and improve alertness.

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Health benefits of lemon

Lemon, for its part, can also beneficially contribute to your health. For example, it is a great source of vitamin C and antioxidant properties, which are related to a lower risk of cancer of the esophagus, stomach, pancreas or breast. It also influences minor heart disease, stroke and infectious diseases.

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But should we drink coffee with lemon?

It is recommended to take this drink mix in the morning, however, some health professionals have debunked this myth. There are still no solid studies that can confirm the benefits of drinking coffee with lemon. On the other hand, we have brought you the advantages and disadvantages of its use for each of the miracles it promises.

Lose weight

Both coffee and lemon favor internal metabolism and can give a false feeling of satiety. This can influence your appetite to decrease and therefore eat less. However, in reality, the mixture will not help you lose fat, unless your body is in a caloric deficit and burns more fat than you consume. But do not expose yourself to subjecting your weight only to this drink, it is better to combine a balanced diet with regular physical exercises.

Improve skin

Coffee contains antioxidants, so your skin will look fresher after a cup of this drink. Lemon, on the other hand, also brings freshness to the body, but as a whole, we cannot say that they are responsible for a good state of skin health. Many foods and your lifestyle will decisively influence this and not just a cup of lemon coffee in the morning.

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Calm the headache

Caffeine can increase or decrease headaches, depending on each organism. However, there are no studies that demonstrate its effectiveness before headache. By mixing it with lemon, we cannot say that the headache will disappear either. The best thing is that you let time pass a little or take some medicine released to reduce the ailment.

Reduce diarrhea

In this case, both lemon and coffee are very strong substances for the stomach. In fact, both eliminate the sensation of thirst and cause dehydration in the body. Coffee, on the contrary, will increase your desire to go to the bathroom. If you present this pathology, it is best to go to the doctor and stay hydrated with plenty of water, broths and juices. Do not subordinate your well-being to the mixture of coffee with lemon, find out and act on it.

Side effects of the drink

As its benefits cannot be affirmed, neither can its contraindications be arrived at. However, coffee and lemon can have some side effects separately: lemon juice leads to tooth enamel erosion and coffee can affect the sleep cycle. The acidity it causes can damage the stomach wall, even more so if it is consumed on an empty stomach or there are underlying pathologies such as gastritis or ulcers. Also avoid it if you suffer from hypertension or are taking antidepressants.

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Our conclusions

The mixture of coffee and lemon will not be miraculous to solve all your discomforts. If you are interested in your beauty or health, it is better to combine a balanced diet with regular physical exercises. Of course, when testing it we have verified the freshness of this drink. We recommend that you add the juice of one lemon to 240 ml of coffee and, if you wish, sugar to taste. Only for your enjoyment should drink it.

Lemon and Hampei coffee: a new way of feeling.
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