Bonbon coffee recipe

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Bonbon coffee recipe

Bonbon coffee, Hampei coffee… How beautiful and delicious they sound together in the same sentence! It’s been a while since we brought you some of our best recipes with your favorite drink and we know you miss them. Creating as a family, discovering new flavors and dazzling friends with our coffee can turn out, one afternoon, to be the best in the world.


The ingredients of the coffee bombon are very simple, you just need espresso and condensed milk. But, where is the chocolate? Well, this name comes from the sweetness of the recipe and not necessarily from the use of chocolate. However, many people consider putting heavy cream, cocoa, cinnamon, or chocolate syrup in their cup of coffee bonbon to garnish the top.

In some places, café bombón is also known as “sweet coffee” or “baby bottle coffee”. Do you know him like that?

Way of preparation

To make the recipe, it is recommended to use glasses or glass cups, so that in addition to the olfactory and gustatory components, your chocolate coffee hooks you with its visuality. At the bottom pour the condensed milk. There are various criteria on this subject, since doing it in equal parts to the coffee would make it very sweet, so others recommend placing 30% or 1/3 of the glass with condensed milk. Make it your own.

On the other hand, while you decorate your glass, you can make your espresso. It is best to do it in an electric coffee maker provided for it or in a traditional Italian coffee maker. In this way the flavors are more concentrated and better integrated with the rest of the ingredients. Once ready, you will go to the step of placing the coffee on the condensed milk. As they have different densities, they should not be mixed if you pour it slowly, but if you prefer, you can use a teaspoon so that the coffee does not hit with such force.

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We could already drink our chocolate coffee, however, we want to give it the final touch so that it resembles the aesthetic photos that we see on Pinterest. We have two separate colors between milk and coffee, now we add the whipped cream or the foam created by the coffee machine and decorate it with cocoa powder, cinnamon or even delicious chocolate flakes.

Other information about the chocolate coffee

At Café Hampei we love pampering you, but also taking care of you.

  • Remember that chocolate coffee has a high caloric intake and its flavor is very sweet. Do not add more sugar than the condensed milk already contains.
  • This coffee is more fun and even digestive if you drink it in the afternoon or after eating.
  • Some curious people have wanted to replace condensed milk with cream-based liqueurs, such as the renowned Baileys Irish Cream. It can be an excellent recommendation, but remember not to take it in excess.

Delights at Cafe Hampei

You already know the chocolate coffee recipe and its different variations. When you make it, we’d love for you to take a picture of it and send it to us at @hampeicoffee on Instagram. Now yes! Stir your coffee to your liking and enjoy your favorite drink. In our blog, we will continue to bring you interesting recipes and articles so that you can discover all the magic of our grains.

A new way of feeling.
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