What to do with leftover coffee?

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What to do with leftover coffee?

Coffee waste always ends up in our organic garbage, but it can have other uses that have not even crossed your mind. It does not matter if your coffee was made in a traditional, electric or filtered coffee maker, the union of the coffee with the water by any of the methods generates other properties in the drink. Beyond how much we enjoy its aroma and flavor, you can discover with us other uses so that you do not waste anything.

What are coffee residues?

Coffee residues arise when coffee is strained on a daily basis. We already know that the drink has properties rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, therefore, it would be better to take advantage of it in all its splendor. For example: the skin, the earth and other spaces in the house will benefit from the use of coffee leftovers. Some say that before using them, it is best to place them on a smooth surface and let them sit for 24 hours or until completely dry.

Plant fertilizer

Coffee waste is an excellent ally of the soil in your patio, garden or orchard. This is because it works as a compost or fertilizer for your plants, especially those that require acidic compounds. You can mix the coffee residues directly with the soil or mix it previously with the irrigation water. In this way, the ventilation of the plants and the retention of air are improved.

Coffee contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, nutrients for plants like gardenias, hydrangeas, and ferns. Other non-decorative plants such as carrots, mushrooms and radishes also improve their crops thanks to the leftover coffee. In addition, they act as agents to keep harmful microorganisms away.

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Although the coffee residue is not capable of eliminating it, it does scare away ants and other insects that come to your crops. Some other animals such as snails and cats do not tolerate the aroma of coffee, so your plants are not in danger from damage either. The best way to place them is in a bag at strategic points and you will not have to expose the crops to chemicals.

In the case of ticks and fleas, it is also possible that they stay away from your pets thanks to the coffee residues. After his bath, sprinkle his fur with the coffee grounds, brush him and rinse him again. Anyway, if you notice any irritation in your pet, stop this type of natural treatment and consult your veterinarian.

Reduction of bad odors

Leftover coffee will help you get rid of bad smells around the house. You just have to place an uncovered container with coffee residues in places where you need to eliminate bad odors. For example, in closets, footwear, refrigerators, sinks and even in the garbage, odors will be neutralized by the aroma of coffee. If you also dislike the spicy smells under your nails, wash your hands with the coffee grounds and plenty of water. The smell will disappear immediately.

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Thanks to the properties of coffee, its residues can be used for cleaning the home. Before scrubbing, leave some coffee residue on greasy pots or pans for a while. Then wash them as you always do and you will see how the grease was quickly removed and your dishes were more shiny than ever. This tip also applies to plates, oven trays and other objects with accumulated fat.

Natural tincture

Coffee residues can be a substitute for many chemicals that we use on a daily basis. For example, it works as a natural dye for dark hair. You can also dye clothes, color your furniture or color on paper. Aside from the artistic effects, you can also fill vases with the residue and scent small areas with the delicious scent.

Skin and hair care

Due to its antioxidant properties, coffee can also be used in cosmetic applications for the skin of the face, helping cells to regenerate and make you feel younger. Also, bags under the eyes will be eliminated and dark circles will be lightened.

Coffee is the best natural scrub. You can use its residues alone or mixed with coconut oil or gel to rub your wet skin, using circular movements. With this remedy, you will improve the circulation of your body and decrease the cellulite in it. You can also use the coffee residue to give your hair shine. Apply them mixed with hot water on your hair under the shower, massage it in and rinse it well. The hair will receive the properties of coffee and will become more resistant and vigorous.

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The use of coffee residues as a natural fertilizer, useful in cleaning or skin care, are just some of its applications. The truth is that the waste of our favorite drink is a perfect example of recycling. Try these tricks at home and let us know which one has been the most effective. There is no way to use 100% of the benefits that the best coffee in the world gives us.

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