Types of coffee roasting

Tipos de tostado del café

Types of coffee roasting

There is no great story behind roasting coffee. A monk drank the boiled mixture of this fruit in its natural form and believed that it would be much tastier if its flavors were accentuated. Now, the roasting temperature, the time and under what circumstances it should be done, are his true contributions.

Coffee, without a doubt, is among the three most popular beverages around the world. However, it needs the magic of toasting before bringing its exquisite aroma and flavor to your morning cup. Perhaps you have not noticed it, but there are various blends of coffee: light, medium, dark … What do you think if you accompany us to meet them?

It changes your life

Isn’t it true that a good coffee changes your life? At Café Hampei we believe this and we study our collection and roasting processes over and over again so that nothing fails in our mix. To do this, we have master roasters, a category that only a true professional gets to bring the best coffee to your table.

How is it roasted?

It would be cumbersome to have to know each of the temperatures, times and ways in which a coffee should be roasted, especially when most of the time we buy it ground at the supermarket. However, those who like to drink, prefer to know all its secrets. We tell you everything:

There are two ways to roast coffee: one where the beans are heated in a drum and the heat of each other completes the cooking; In the other method, the hot air ensures a homogeneous roasting of the beans. Generally, light roast elevates the aroma of the beans and dark roast increases their bright color.

The first method, although not homogeneous, enhances the attributes of the coffee. What would be ideal? Combine both methods, but this can only be achieved by someone specialized in the subject. In Hampei, since 1872, our roasters have their magical formula to have a 100% Arabica coffee, of high quality and without any combination of odors.

Did you know? The coffee bean increases its size between 100% and 120% during roasting.

The color of coffee

The time of roasting will directly influence the color of the final grain. Some brands have spectra of up to five roasts of coffee. At Hampei, we have three types of toasts: light, medium and dark.

Granos de café

Blonde: It is also known as white coffee or cinnamon roast. It is an acid coffee, but with high levels of caffeine and a concentrated aroma, because when exposed to heat for a short time, it avoids the loss of the original flavors. Optimal to take in the morning when you need a good dose of energy.

Medium: It is the most used coffee and a little sweeter. Its medium or American color is less concentrated, making it useful to mix with milk. Aside from the smell of coffee, you may notice hints of chocolate, caramel, or dried fruit. For mid-afternoon, this cafe is perfect.

Dark: Stores or cafes love this type of roasting. It is the least bitter, the sweetest and most robust coffee, although its caffeine levels are very low. It is used in frappuccinos, mokas, lattes, and other espresso-based drinks. If you don’t want to lose sleep, but do want to enjoy coffee after dinner, opt for a dark roast.

Today there are special roasts of coffee for different sectors. Food, hospitality and tasting are some of them. So, if you dedicate yourself to bringing the best coffee to your customers, it is also good that you know this process. If you are simply a coffee lover, you may already want to run to prepare it or have a cup of coffee in hand.

Ready for coffee

Don’t you think that roasting coffee is a science? We have given you the basic tips so that you know it, remember it and tell all coffee lovers. We are also sure that, on your weekly visit to the supermarket, you will spend a little more time in the aisle of your favorite drink.

There are hundreds of ways to prepare a coffee: cut, cappucino, latte, frappuccino, coffee, American … However, the best thing is not in how you boil it, or in what ingredients you add. The secret of coffee is very well kept by our master roasters. For now, you can enjoy the excellence of Hampei coffee. Visit our store to decide which toast you prefer.

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