Three quick and easy recipes for iced coffee

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Three quick and easy recipes for iced coffee

At Café Hampei we like daring things, strong coffee, adventure in life … That is why we are always innovating and looking for the funniest facts about our favorite drink. But have you ever considered having a whole list of different recipes to drink your coffee? In a different section, we bring you three new recipes. Without further ado, learn how to make iced mocha, iced coffee, and Caribbean coffee.

Iced mocha coffee

Sometimes we hear in movies and series about Moka coffee and more than once we have opted to order it at the nearest coffee shop. However, when we want to have a refreshing drink at home or to serve our guests, this coffee does not cross our minds. Therefore, we bring you the simple recipe. We are sure that you will cause a sensation in the future.

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For this recipe we will need:

  • 225ml of coffee already prepared and well concentrated
  • 500 ml of skim milk
  • 2 tablespoons of melted chocolate
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 cups of ice

How to prepare it?

Once you have your coffee ready (as you usually prepare it), let it rest for a few minutes and then place it together with the milk, sugar and ice in the blender. Blend it for about a minute or until you see it reach a creamy consistency. Serve and garnish with chocolate chips, cereal, almonds, whipped cream, or cookies. You already have your iced mocha coffee ready!


* You can substitute skim milk for vanilla ice cream to give it a much more special touch.

* A teaspoon of vanilla can also give this recipe a different flavor.

The real iced coffee

Have you ever seen frozen coffee? Well, this is the best way to make your iced coffee. The cold does not reside in the ice that we put on it, but in having the coffee very cold so that our milk acquires all its properties. We loved this recipe and we know that from now on you will plan your breakfast from the night before.

For the magic formula we need:

  • Ground coffee
  • Ice mold
  • Two spoons of sugar
  • Milk

How to take it

A few hours before preparing this recipe, boil the coffee as you always do. This time, let it cool slightly and pour it into an ice mold. Once they have hardened they are ready to be added to your drink. Make a glass of milk with sugar and add four or five of these little capsules. Enjoy how your drink feels stronger and more delicious as your coffee ice melts.

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Caribbean iced coffee

If you think about it, why do we bring recipes for cold coffee if winter is coming? Well, for the last recipe of the day we want to make you warm up. With just a little bit of alcohol, no one can resist this iced coffee. It will be like enjoying a vacation under the Caribbean sun.

café a la caribeña


  • 2 or 3 tablespoons of coffee
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • White rum
  • Ice cubes


Prepare your coffee as you usually do. If you make it clear, try adding a few more teaspoons of coffee for the best effect. When cool, mix it in the blender with the vanilla ice cream, at the rate of one scoop of ice cream per person. Then serve it, add a shot of white rum (approximately 80 ml) and put ice. Ready! Pure Life.


Apart from coffee liqueurs, this drink is widely consumed in bars and restaurants mixed with some type of alcohol. Even late at night, coffee lovers prefer it to fill up with energy and continue the fun.

Happiness in three recipes

As always, we want to remind you to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you use ingredients that already contain sugar for these recipes, avoid adding more. Coffee is always delicious, isn’t it? Leave us in comments if you tried the recipes and share the final result on your Instagram stories. Tag us! You find us there as @hampeicoffee.

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