Can you drink reheated coffee?

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Can you drink reheated coffee?

Coffee… delicious coffee… Woe to those of us who survived the morning for you! Without a doubt, this is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Its unique flavor and aroma allow us to transport ourselves to the region from which they come and feel together with the collectors and roasters as part of the process. But how many times has it happened to you that there is a little coffee left and you feel like reheating it in the afternoon to fill you with energy? It is not good to drink overheated coffee and today we explain why.

Coffee properties

We already know the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of coffee, as well as the fact that depending on them you can bring benefits or effects to your health. Experts recommend not drinking more than five cups of coffee a day to avoid major complications. If you want to drink your coffee reheated, you should know that the chemicals will rearrange and affect its flavor quite a bit.

The coffee particles change and the caffeine is lost. When the coffee is heated, its pH varies and ends up obtaining more acidic concentrations of coffee and a much more bitter taste. For this reason, it is also not good to reheat it from one day to the next or after several days outside, as it could contain bacteria or be bad. Even when there are theories about adding a pinch of salt, experts don’t really consider it valid.

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Where to reheat coffee?

Although not a good thing, many people heat their coffee in the microwave or on the stovetop. Of course, never heat it in the same coffee maker where you made it, either under pressure or by drip, because these will never return it to its original flavor and you can cause accidents at home. In the case of the micro and the stove, keep an eye on the change in its temperature and remove it as soon as it is ready so that it loses as few properties as possible.

The best ways to drink reheated

If you still insist on drinking your reheated coffee, we have the best ways to do it. Remember that coffee beans reach high temperatures for a long time to reach their final flavor, once you have infused it, it is better that you use another method to supply heat again. For example, if you add a little boiling water or hot milk, the result will be the same as you were looking for, but without permanently losing its properties.

If not, we also want to tell you that you can put some ice on it and make yourself an iced coffee. You can create unprecedented combinations and recipes or desserts with a little bit of this same drink. They are delicious and take a few minutes to make. One of the best ways to keep your coffee cold or hot is to keep it in thermoses and glasses that keep the temperature.



Well yes, Grandma was right and reheated coffee cannot be good for our health. Your changes will bring with them more problems than good memories and delicious drinks; A second chance is not always good. Follow us on Instagram as @hampeicoffee to learn many more curious facts about this drink of gods.

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