Family coffee: delicious recipes for the end of the year

recetas de café caliente

Family coffee: delicious recipes for the end of the year

In this winter time for the northern hemisphere, many of us crave a hot drink. Why not give our beloved coffee a chance and why not share it with all of our friends and family? At Café Hampei we love celebration days, but we are not against having a delicious coffee all year round.

Therefore, we have prepared these five delicious recipes for you. With these drinks, you will get a revitalizing effect and a little more heat during the coldest holidays of the year. But we are also sure that they will be your favorite snack before the new year and your biggest wish for 2022.

receta de café con leche

Coffe with milk

Grandma’s recipe. It is so typical that it reminds us of those years when we visited his house on vacation, the smell of coffee in the mornings and the unmistakable love that only the family professes. It wasn’t that complicated after all. Fill half your cup with fresh coffee and mix it with milk in the other half of the cup. Add sugar if you prefer and allow yourself to travel back in time through its magnificent flavors.

Bonbon coffee

This recipe is delicious. To prepare it you will only need coffee, condensed milk and chocolate. Put 1/3 of condensed milk in your cup and pour an espresso coffee over it. Let it sit for a while and then mix it up. To decorate it, sprinkle chocolate on top and let the flavors meld. Enjoy a paradise on your palate.

receta de café bombón
receta de café con licor

Coffee for +18

If you want to completely remove the winter nights, in addition to coffee, you can add a little liquor to your drink. This recipe is similar to the previous one, only that we will substitute the condensed milk for milk liqueur. In the market there are various brands, so choose the one you like the most. Put 150 ml of coffee in a mug and add another 150 ml of milk liqueur. Mix, decorate with a little chocolate and enjoy. A delicious experience to warm up!

Hot cappuchino

A recipe commonly known to be made with soluble coffee, arrives today in a perfect way to satisfy your desires and wake up completely. To do it you will need coffee, milk, whipped cream and an espresso machine. Pour your coffee and milk into this appliance, but put the coffee in your cup first. Then heat the milk without boiling and to create the foam let a little air escape before mixing it with the coffee. Add whipped cream, sugar to taste and that’s it, we get over our fear of the electric coffee maker and enjoy some delicious coffee!

receta de café cappuchino
receta de café hawaiano

Hawaiian coffee

Drink this coffee as if you were in front of the beach in the height of summer. It is a drink that many vegetarians love, because of the ingredients it uses. First, choose a coffee with milder flavors and warmer notes on the palate. It can really be considered a traditional latte, but to make it, you use coconut milk. The result will be a sweeter taste and a colorful memory of the Hawaiian Islands.

Recipes for you

Thanks to a good coffee, we were for the first time caught in its aroma and our perception of life was never the same again. Show your loved ones the benefits of your favorite drink. From Café Hampei, we send you some recipes to cheer you up and make them delicious the last two nights of the year. Share your creations and experiences with us, tagging us on our Instagram.

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