Natural ground coffee vs. instant coffee

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Natural ground coffee vs. instant coffee

What generation has not enjoyed a good cup of coffee? However, in recent decades, life has become so hectic that grain, beverage and appliance brands are increasingly choosing to deliver quicker fixes to our cravings. That is why, although they come from the same coffee fruits, natural coffee and soluble coffee are very different. Are you from the team that prefers the conventional method or bets on faster preparation? Here we tell you some facts that perhaps you did not know about both.


Natural coffee is the one we have known for many years. As we have commented previously, after collecting the most mature fruits, they are taken to a process of separation of the pulp and the grain, then they are dried, the master roasters roast them and it is decided whether to grind them or pack them directly for sale. During this process, different types of roasting and drinks of different flavors are obtained, but always of high quality.

This process, as it subsequently requires different types of coffee machines to achieve the final drink, seems to be much longer. However, the grain itself is exposed to very few steps in its preparation, thus obtaining fewer changes in its taste and smell. In addition, the freshness is impregnated from the packaging bag and until it reaches our cup in the morning.

By and large, the world has become accustomed to delicious Arabica coffee blends, with more natural sugars and health-promoting antioxidants. Also, its preparation is a ritual, if not why have small cafes been so famous to drink with friends or take home. The closer to its roasting date and the more special your cooking method, the more you will enjoy natural coffee. But what about the soluble?

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Soluble or instant coffee, on the other hand, is a much faster type of drink and adapted to the demands of today’s world. It can appear in powder, in bottles, single-use sachets or even in capsules, but for each of them a greater number of processes are required to bequeath us an exquisite final drink.

But why did we decide to create this article for you? It is important that you know their differences, because although no health effects have been shown due to soluble coffee, the processes to which it is exposed involve more steps, machinery and even environmental contamination due to its waste. Its use is associated with a personal decision, but we will also tell you everything.

Nature vs. Instant

  • For its collection, robust coffee varieties are used, harvested in plains and with less demand in terms of maturity.
  • This variety is more bitter, astringent, and intense than the Arabic varieties that are used in ground coffees.
  • In the process to obtain soluble coffee, the same steps are involved as for making ground coffee, however, their paths separate after being ground, to take this variety to a great infusion.
  • After you have a great drink (let’s say like a tea: water + coffee), the technology will kick in to do its job of separating the water from the coffee particles.
  • The time has come for you to remember the little chemistry lessons in high school, because there are two processes to obtain the powder that you will later have in your cup: dehydration or lyophilization.
  • Spray drying consists of exposing the infusion to around 250 °C and causing the water to evaporate completely. In this way, small crystals or a thicker powder that is known as soluble coffee remain on the surface.
  • In freeze-drying, the opposite occurs, the infusion is brought to -5 °C while the texture of the coffee becomes a kind of “slush”, which is deposited in a tray and this time brought to -40 °C. In the end, the frozen cubes are broken and taken to a machine that vacuums and dries them, the ice evaporates and the coffee granules remain.
  • To add a better smell or intensity, artificial fragrances are added in this final part of the process.

What do we gain with soluble coffee?

This quick drink can be our ally if we don’t have much time in the morning. Its production is obviously longer, but our consumption will not notice it. Of course, if you like intense aromas and an exquisite palate, a natural coffee will better help you satisfy your desires. It is a cheaper coffee, true, but it will not have the quality of an arabica variety prepared in a cezve or an Italian coffee pot. Soluble coffee is always ready, just pour a little hot water over it and tell us which one has been the tastiest for your palate.

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plain coffee vs. Soluble coffee. We never imagined that we would find so much magic behind the instant coffee process. Undoubtedly, its practicality beats our ground coffee, but the quality must be evaluated by the experts or by what the customer’s palate prefers. At Café Hampei, although we only have 100% Arabica and ground varieties, we like that all the information reaches you and you have the possibility to choose according to your preferences. Somehow or another, we will reach a new way of feeling.

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