Irish coffee

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Irish coffee

Dear coffee lovers: you already know that at Café Hampei we love to bring you the most delicious recipes with your favorite drink. Today, although we bring a bit of winter, it is also one of the most fun and enjoyed around the world. We refer to Irish coffee, the perfect mix between our grains and European whiskey. Discover with us its history and the best way to prepare it.

How does Irish coffee come about?

During the 1950s, a commercial flight from Ireland to the United States faced a long waiting time, in addition to the fact that the flight itself would take about 18 hours. In such a cold country, it was imminent to offer a drink to the passengers to keep them warm and calm, before entering the plane. In this way, Joe Sheridan, an airport cook, had the idea of ​​adding a little whiskey to the coffee that he would deliver to travelers.

To the surprise of him and many, the passengers enjoyed the drink to the fullest and even asked if it was some variety of Brazilian coffee. Joe was very convinced that no, it was just an Irish coffee. One of the travelers was the writer and owner of a bar in San Francisco, Jack Koeppleral, who, once in his country, asked his cooks and baristas to recreate the recipe until they found the perfect point of Irish coffee.


Thus, they also found the magic in floating whipped cream on top to add a little more consistency to the drink. Since 1952, this drink has been presented in the San Francisco bar called Buena Vista Café and today, it is the place that serves the most Irish coffees daily in the world. Due to its flavor, its presentation or its history, it is undoubtedly an attractive and unique coffee.


  • 80 ml of hot coffee
  • 40ml Irish whiskey
  • 30 ml of milk cream or semi-whipped cream
  • A teaspoon of sugar (optional)


The preparation of this coffee is not very simple. Some recipes tell you about making it at home, with heat alternatives such as the microwave. However, sugar and alcohol can be highly flammable, so we do not recommend doing so in this appliance. On the other hand, keep your Italian or espresso machine handy and several containers to mix the ingredients until the final Irish coffee.

  1. Firstly, the container of your drink is heated with boiling water to keep the coffee hot for longer.
  2. In the preheated glass or glass, add the teaspoon of sugar and whiskey and mix the two ingredients. In some places, they are flambéed, to add visual appeal to the Irish coffee, more heat to the container and a more intense flavor to the final drink.
  3. Then, the coffee will be delicately served over the mixture of whiskey and sugar, taking good care that they do not integrate.
  4. On top of the ingredients, the cream or whipped cream will also be slowly added, creating a third surface that floats on top of the rest.
  5. Now yes, you can add some decoration and enjoy your Irish coffee.
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Some curiosities about Irish coffee

  • Although it is served separately, with several layers between the ingredients, Irish coffee is mixed before it is finally drunk.
  • The best experience of Irish coffee is visual, during its preparation, but we are not going to deny that the taste is also one of a kind.
  • Sugar is optional in this drink, especially if the whipped cream already has added sugar.
  • You can decorate the final mix with coffee powder or beans, cocoa or cinnamon.
  • Different countries use different containers to serve their Irish coffee. The most common is the use of tall glasses or short glasses, but always resistant to heat.
  • You must be careful from the moment you receive your glass and before you drink your Irish coffee, it is possible that the heat will stay for quite some time.

A delicious taste

On this occasion, we have not only brought you the Irish coffee recipe, but also a little history and curiosities about the drink. Do you dare to order it on your next visit to a restaurant or bar? Surprise yourself with the variety of colors and flavors that will mix in your eyes and your palate. From Café Hampei, we want to give you just a little boost on this journey, we just ask you to share your joy with us afterwards.

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