Effects of coffee on the menstrual period

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Effects of coffee on the menstrual period

If you grew up with grandma’s remedies, you’ve probably come across all kinds of indications for your menstrual period. Don’t wash your hair, don’t go barefoot, don’t drink coffee… Wait, how are we going to give up coffee? Or why? Today we tell you about the consequences of this drink at each stage of the menstrual cycle. Perhaps now we can understand our grandmothers and allow ourselves to live our period more freely.

What are the phases of the menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle forms has the follicular and luteal phases. The first covers from the first day of the period until the beginning of ovulation, while the second goes from ovulation until the start of the period the next month. In each of these phases there are foods that will make you feel better or, on the contrary, will make your mood drop. Join us to find out where your favorite drink is.

Ovulation: This period is the most active for women, this is where they tend to balance their blood sugar and their levels of estrogen and progesterone increase. Women’s energy increases and they tend to do sports with more intensity. This is where coffee tends to play in our favor and, in any amount that we consume, it will give us more energy and make us happier.

Premenstrual phase: At this stage it is recommended to reduce the consumption of alcohol, salt and caffeine, since they are foods that accelerate the production of liquids and can even lead to dehydration. Although your brain asks for it, reduce the percentage of caffeine these days and you will also avoid colic, menstrual cramps, swelling and a feeling of heaviness in your body.

Menstrual phase: Once our body arrives at the period, it feels much heavier and more inflamed. Coffee and caffeine in other products promote inflammation in the body and lead to increased menstrual cramps. Instead, anti-inflammatory drinks such as soups, juices with vitamin C and foods low in sugar are recommended.

Is coffee good during the menstrual cycle?

Definitely, each phase of the cycle has its positive and negative consequences and coffee can speed up or slow down its effects. Although it lifts our spirits during the period, it can also cause anxiety, nervousness and stress. Caffeine has been shown to amplify the effects of both PMS and period cramps. You can combat decay with other substitutes such as eggs, bananas and chocolate.

Being a diuretic (promoting fluid production), coffee increases the number of times we go to the bathroom and also the painful pangs of menstrual cramps. As if that were not enough, many women also suffer from stomach pains when Andres arrives – the one who comes once a month – and coffee can intensify them.

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To counteract menstrual cramps and have a better time, we should definitely avoid coffee at all costs. Instead, we can consume other foods such as nuts, seeds and dark leafy vegetables, tuna, salmon, chicken, legumes, nuts, whole grains and water… lots of water. But we have good news, after the third day you will be able to add coffee to your diet without problems.

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