Coffees of the world: Latin America vs. Asia


Coffees of the world: Latin America vs. Asia

Coffee was born in Ethiopia, then they took it to America, but Asians consume it mostly… It is an Arabica blend or a Robusta, it is grown in plains or mountains… Without a doubt, coffee is a magical drink, but so complex and with so many nuances, that only true fans know it perfectly. Today, at Café Hampei, we want to tell you about the differences that are obtained by cultivating it in two opposite poles of the world: Latin America and Asia.

The delicious drink is grown in approximately 50 to 52 countries and there is a certain geographical area where the best coffees are grown. This area is called the “Coffee Belt” and extends from northern Mexico and Myanmar to the south, near Brazil and Zimbabwe. Knowing how to appreciate the differences between one area or another will make us recognize which are the profiles that we like the most and know how to choose them better in the supermarket.

Latin America

Some of the best coffee in the world is produced in Latin America. Both the US and Asian markets enjoy the best varieties grown in this region. Why? This is what we want to help you discover. The proximity of their roasts, aromas and flavors make them irresistible, even when each country imbues them with special characteristics.

Latin American coffees have good body, acidity and fruit flavors. In this area of ​​the world there are small farms and not large estates, but it occupies important percentages in the national GDP of these countries. Arabica blends are the most common in this area, with hints of caramel, citrus notes or chocolate, which make them very special.

Colombian coffee: It is located in one of the most famous coffee regions, recognized for its balanced sweetness and aroma, for quality and gourmet roasts. As we said before, with the scent of a woman.

Brazilian coffee: We are facing one of the largest producers and exporters of coffee in the world. Squeezes nutty, buttery, and chocolate notes into a heavy body. Precious Latin flavor.

Costa Rican coffee: This country has enacted a law that prevents the production of robust coffee mixtures, so they produce quality and fine coffees that are 100% Arabica. Pure Life.

Peruvian coffee: Although it does not receive the attention it deserves, Peru lists its coffee as one of the three main export products. The coffee is of high quality and very specialized. Goodbye!

Mexican Coffee: The coffee grown in Chiapas is one of the most delicious, sweet and aromatic and ranks among the 10 best coffees in the world. The humid climate favors the production of the best grains. Cute and darling.

cafés de latinoamérica


This is a huge continent and in which you can find a great diversity of coffee regions. Their blends, however, tend to be more earthy and smoky, although they are still very popular. If you are looking for stronger notes, you will be able to find robust blends in this part of the world. A special feature of their productions is that, despite their quality, they are mostly marketed in capsules, single-dose or instant coffees.

Vietnamese coffee: This country is the second largest coffee producer in the world, with bitter and less aromatic roasts, but full-bodied.

Myanmar Coffee: Coffees from this region of the world are very clean and of high quality. In fact, it is one of the few in the area that produces sweet and fruity notes, however, it faces many infrastructure problems for production.

Indian coffee: India produces a special coffee called monsoon. Basically, they have excellent growing conditions for both Robusta and Arabica blends, but prefer them quite raw and slow fermentation to change their flavor.

Thai coffee: The high mountains of this part of the world give Thailand wonderful blends of Arabica coffee. The climatic conditions make the coffee bean grow comfortably and of the best quality. This, together with the exclusivity of harvesting it by hand, makes it delicious.

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The best coffees in the world

Not to be absolute, we believe that the best coffee beans in the world are those that you like. We have left aside other large producers in both Latin America and Asia; for example, Jamaica, Honduras, the Philippines and Laos also provide bumper crops. Let’s look for quality, aroma and an exceptional taste in our coffee every day and if you have the opportunity, try a new way of feeling every day.

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