Tips for ordering your coffee to go

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Tips for ordering your coffee to go

Do you drink the same coffee every day? And… do you do it at home? Perhaps you are one of those who once went to the nearest coffee shop and was overwhelmed with the number of coffees available to take away. As if that were not enough, they asked you the type of coffee, the size of the glass or the sweet with which you would accompany it. The truth is that baristas are true stars of coffee preparation and we assure you that however you order it to go, it will taste like heaven. However, get a little more involved with us.

Universal options

There are various types of coffee in the world and many of them are prepared in almost all cafes, restaurants and small bars. However, when it comes time to choose you can get a little anxious. What tips can we give you? Well, we want to show you the simplest combinations, recognized worldwide. But, if you really want to enjoy the best drink and the best hand, ask the barista on duty for the recommendation of the day.

Expresso coffee: A 100% expresso coffee.

Coffee with milk: 50% coffee and 50% milk.

Cut coffee: A small cup of coffee with very little milk.

Decaffeinated coffee: Coffee without caffeine, alone or with milk.

American coffee: Long coffee reduced with water.

Café latte: Coffee with creamy milk.

Cappuccino coffee: Coffee with milk and foam.

Macchiato coffee: Sparkling coffee.

Double coffee: Double amount of coffee in the same amount of water.

Irish Coffee: Coffee with a little whiskey and cream.

Hawaiian Coffee: Coffee with coconut milk.

Caribbean Coffee: Coffee with rum, brown sugar and vanilla.

Open yourself to new possibilities! You lose nothing by trying.

Other types of coffee

Often, depending on where you are in the world, professional baristas will have different coffees adapted to the geographical area. For example, Russian coffee is made up of coffee and vokda and Viennese coffee is made up of coffee, milk and whipped cream. Others are not coffees per se, but also have variants of caramel, vanilla, and other exotic additions. Order them to take away or attend the tastings that some cafes carry out so you don’t miss them.

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Coffee size to go

Takeaway coffees are available in different sizes. It is common for the glasses to be small, medium or large, but everything will adapt to the shape that you like the most. If you like a well-concentrated coffee, ask for it small. If, on the other hand, you like to mix it with milk and foam, think of a medium one to take away and if you enjoy it iced, take the largest glass you can find and enjoy your drink for a long time.

What about the milk?

Perhaps you have also felt very overwhelmed by the different milks that are available to put in your coffee. Beyond flavored or creamy or liquid textures, alternatives have emerged for foodies and some common illnesses. One is lactose intolerance, which is easy to resolve with lactose-free milk. On the other hand, soy milk comes to replace that from animals as a solution for vegans.

How to transport it?

Another important element is how to have our coffee to go without burning yourself. These drinks are designed to last a long time, but not extremely hot either. The solution so far is to ask for a strong paper cup with a plastic lid, plus a paper or cardboard tape to separate your fingers from the cup. The most comfortable option may also be to bring your own thermos, which will also better preserve the taste, aroma and heat of your drink.

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Do you know another way to order your coffee that we have not included? We would love to know. The next time you order your favorite drink, remember the recommendations of Café Hampei. Live your life to the fullest and order your coffee to go. Always enjoy a new way of feeling.

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