Coffee: The methods to prepare the perfect drink

método de preparación del café

Coffee: The methods to prepare the perfect drink

Blessed is he who, after learning about the coffee plant, came up with pouring water over its fruits. Over the years, the ways of harvesting, preparing and drinking it have evolved. This is mainly due to the fact that coffee spread throughout the world and various ways of enlisting it emerged.

It is very likely that in the area where you live you drink coffee in a certain way and during a trip you have been surprised by a totally different prepared drink. For this reason, today we want to tell you about the filtering, pressure, boiling and pressurization methods that are achieved with different coffee machines, filters, degree of grinding and coffee making times.

Coffee preparation methods

To choose the way in which we will prepare our coffee, we generally take into account what we know from the traditions at home or in our country of origin. However, other methods may add more or less robustness to the drink, better concentration of smells and flavors and, most importantly, save time for morning preparation.

Filtration or drip method

This method has developed enormously around the world. Therefore, there are various containers and types of filters such as Clever, Chemez, v60, Kalta, Melita and Yama Cold. However, at Café Hampei we want to talk to you about this method in a general way and its advantages. We assure you that you will want to try it immediately.

To obtain coffee by this method, manual, cotton and cloth filters are used, the latter being the most ecological and popular in recent years. For half a liter of coffee, put 30 grams of the finely ground substance in the filter intended for it. Moisten the coffee a little with boiling water to obtain a pre-infusion (or first strain). Then gently add the rest of the water and swirl it around gently. Thanks to the action of gravity, the water passes through the filter and falls drop by drop, offering a very pure and delicately obtained flavor.

Boiling method

Within the boiling method we find only one type of coffee: Turkish coffee. This technique is very popular among the countries of the Middle East and when looking at our selection of images it is likely that you will remember it from a series or film. In reality, its preparation is not very complicated, but what is so exotic about the “coffee pot” is transmitted to the coffee in a delicious flavor.

The cezve is the typical brass and copper coffee pot with a long handle to cook coffee. Its use, as its name suggests, comes from Turkey. In this area, coffee is drunk in small cups, approximately 50 ml. Therefore, the amount of water is placed in the cezve according to the number of people who are going to enjoy it. Before putting it on the fire, dissolve a certain amount of sugar to taste and once it boils, remove it from the heat and add a teaspoon (plus one) of finely ground coffee. It is brought to a boil again two consecutive times, removing it from the heat between each boiling and preserving the foam to give it a more attractive flavor at the end. Before serving, add a tablespoon of cold water to the cezve to speed up the sedimentation process of the coffee impurities and voila. This is a must try!

Pressurization method

There are two well-known ways to obtain our favorite beverage using the pressurization method. One of them is with an electric espresso machine, like the ones we find in our favorite coffee rooms. The other is the use of Italian coffee machines to obtain intense mocha coffees.

The electric coffee machine is used under pressure and using water with a very high temperature. It has its own built-in filter, which is completely filled with coffee and placed in the machine. To get it, the water must have been heated for at least 15 minutes, but the pressure coffee will be ready in a couple of minutes. That is why this method is used in many fast drink businesses as a base for the preparation of cappuccinos, frappuccinos, lattes and other delicious preparations.

For its part, the Italian coffee maker has three steps and pieces. The base is a bowl in which water is deposited, in the middle there is a filter where the ground coffee is placed and the upper part or pouring area is assembled with the two previous parts before placing it on a low heat. Little by little, the water at the base boils and passes through the filter through a fine tube to the top. In the latter, the coffee is already brewed and ready to serve.

Infusion method

To obtain coffee with this method a siphon or the French press is used. This second method is a classic and you can currently find these coffee makers in all stores, both metal and plastic. You only need one of these coffee makers, hot water and a good coffee. Unlike other methods you will not need pressure, electricity or filters.

Its distinctive feature is the plunger that it has inside. Rather coarsely ground coffee is added to the coffee maker (at a rate of 50 to 70 grams per liter of water). Subsequently, it is filled with hot water in its entirety and stirred up and down to mix the substances. After about four minutes of standing, your coffee will be ready for everyone to taste it.

Learn about coffee preparation methods

  • You must know well your coffee maker and the type of coffee powder it uses. Its fineness or thickness greatly influence the final result.
  • Research the cooking time of each method before using it, so that it is not undercooked or overcooked, nor does the coffee lose its properties.
  • Each method requires patience and a few minutes at the supermarket, before deciding which coffee to drink from now on and in what form. However, it is totally worth it.
  • The filtration method guarantees a very pure coffee, but without a very homogeneous result.
  • For espresso and mocha coffees, it will be better not to expose the ground coffee to a long pressure time, so as not to overcook our drink.
  • Turkish coffee is a very exotic method, but not at all new. Many countries in the Middle East continue to use it, so let’s get used to it.
  • The infusion method invites us to enjoy a very homogeneous coffee with balanced aromas for our palate.


It is important that you know that there are other methods to obtain different flavors of coffee. Here we have discussed some of them, but it is possible that you have another type of method at home and that you find it delicious. At Café Hampei we want to hear from you, so tell us in the comments or on our Instagram page about your method and your tips to drink the most delicious coffee.

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