Coffee: short or long?

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Coffee: short or long?

How do you drink your favorite drink every morning? In a small cup or a whole jar for you? Beyond the recommended daily concentrations of coffee, we thought it would be interesting to explain the differences between a short and a long coffee. Subsequently, the decision and wishes will be in your hands. You choose the best way to enjoy what unites us: the delicious flavor and aroma of coffee.

Of Italian origin, expresso coffee gets its name from the type of coffee maker in which it is prepared, quickly and with highly concentrated flavors and textures. However, new and exquisite drinks have been made from expresso itself, including short coffee (ristretto) and long coffee (lungo). Discover them with us in this post.

Caffeine concentration

It is a total mistake to think that a cup of long coffee contains more caffeine than the similar short coffee. There are so many factors that intervene in the concentration of this substance, that we could dedicate an entire article to it. The plantation, time of exposure to the sun, roasting, type of coffee variety and many other variants intervene in the concentration of caffeine. Probably, none of the times you prepare your coffee will be the same as before.

For the realization of any type of espresso, almost the same amount of coffee is used, while the water varies. Short coffee can reach 90 g of caffeine and its difference with a long coffee will be only 10 g. That is, a long coffee contains approximately 100 g of caffeine.

Now yes, short or long coffee?

Espresso ristretto

Short coffee is obtained from 7 to 9 grams of ground coffee. By placing it in the machine, you will use about 15 milliliters of water in a time between 15 and 20 seconds. Its volume is half that of a normal espresso cup and it can be drunk in a single sip… We are not prepared for that. On the other hand, the flavors are much more concentrated for real coffee drinkers and tasters.

Ristretto means restricted in Italian and it is better this way, as some delicate stomachs could be affected by the concentration of acids and the strong body of the coffee in the final drink. Short coffee, then, concentrates its properties and flavors more, but this does not influence a lower level of caffeine. Enjoy it the way you prefer and adapting it to your tastes and lifestyle.

café corto

Espresso lungo

If, on the other hand, you eat long breakfasts at home or love to work with your cup of coffee, long coffee is definitely for you. This drink is obtained using the same number of grams of coffee, but between 40 and 50 milliliters of water, that is, more than twice that used for short coffee. In your coffee maker, let it extract between 30 and 40 seconds and no, you will not get an American coffee. You will have in your hands a delicacy to enjoy for longer with an adequate concentration of caffeine.

Lungo means long in Italian, but it translates to a large drink and a bit more bitter than ristretto. This is because the hot water spends more time through your coffee, oxidizing it and extracting all the components that do not dissolve in a short exposure time. The longer, the more bitter your coffee will be, but the more you will enjoy the drink.

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We can summarize that the last name of the drink is associated with the amount of water it contains. Have you decided today for a short coffee or a long one? At Café Hampei we love big drinks, coffee with pampering and the perfect day to fulfill our dreams. We have discovered that the amount of caffeine is the same, so why not give us the opportunity to fully enjoy the experience.

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