Coffee flavored stories

historias con café

Coffee flavored stories

For the entry of this week we wanted to prepare curious facts about the presence of coffee in many stories of cinema, television and music. As we titled it, it could also be called Coffee Inspired Stories. Well yes, the delicious drink that attracts you and me so much, has also managed to inspire the rest of the world. Just think about it, Friends, Notting Hill, Café Budapest … life is full of moments with the greatest of charms.


Amélie: The Sweet Story of a Waitress in Paris

After a harrowing childhood, Amélie begins working at the Café des 2 Moulins. However, his life is not complete. The inconsistent relationship with her father and the difficult approach to men, only reaffirms that she has to be prepared for something more important. This is how he discovers that his true passion is helping people, completing “the fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain.”


Notting Hill: a full-fledged love story

Although in a London production, Notting Hill rescues the classic encounters of American films. The film, starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, chronicles the nearly impossible relationship between a bookstore owner and a renowned Hollywood actress. After a first meeting in the store, they meet again when – now our space has arrived – the man spills a glass of coffee on her. Since then, a wave of victories and failures will come into their lives, until they finally manage to consolidate their love and tranquility together.

café notting hill

Novels and documentaries

café con aroma de mujer

Woman-fragranced coffee

The award-winning novel tells the story of Gaviota, who along with his mother is dedicated to harvesting coffee throughout Colombia, at different times of the year. His fixed job is at the Casablanca farm every October, however, during the last harvest the owner dies and his whole family is forced to return from different parts of the world. An indestructible love arises between Gaviota and one of the grandchildren, Sebastián, but it is cut short by his duty to complete his studies. From now on, a pregnancy, a prostitution ring and an arranged marriage will get in their way, but they won’t be strong enough to prevent them from being one again.

black coffee

Black coffee

This Canadian documentary seeks to rescue the history of coffee, from its emergence in Ethiopia and its expansion throughout the world. In addition, it criticizes the political, social and economic relationship influenced by the plant in both past and present times. The problems arise because coffee is the most commercialized drug, without its farmers being properly benefited. Meanwhile, the prices of each cup of coffee continue to rise.

T.V Shows


Who does not know the funny series? After almost 30 years of its first broadcast, Friends continues on everyone’s lips. Its chapters show the story of six friends in New York who, far from conceiving their lives individually, daily sit down to share in the Central Perk Café. This relaxation space, with its iconic orange sofa, brings to life all the episodes of the series and has achieved such international fame that similar cafes are recreated around the world in search of the magnificent experience of friends.

central perk

How I met your mother

Ted Mosby, a New York architect, decides to tell his children in the year 2030 the story of how he met his mother. Each episode becomes a flashback story that recounts his adventures with his friends Lilly, Marshall, Barney and Robin, his almost platonic love. His love misfortunes come to mind all the time while they share in the Café – Bar Mcgee’s, but it turns out that at the end of it all, the story does not only tell how he met the mother of his children.

how i met your mother


cup of coffee

Cup of coffe – Johnny Cash

This American musician, songwriter and singer was a true country music legend of the 20th century. Today, many of us continue to enjoy your music with the same passion as the people of your time, but have you dedicated a song to coffee? Well yeah, apparently he was as much a fan of the drink as we are. In the end, we are not so different and where you put a good cup of coffee, we can put aside all other vices.

raquel busca su sitio

Raquel – Jorge Drexler

The Uruguayan singer, in more than one song, has been inspired by bars and cafes to write his lyrics. On this occasion and with the task of composing the intro of the fabulous Spanish series Raquel looks for her place, she also includes it, as a sign of the protagonist’s idiosyncrasy. Thus, his wonderful verses emerged: “This is your place, this is your cup of coffee”, “An open sky away from pain”. What is that what our own drink always reminds us of every morning?


Budapest Café – Alfonso Zapico

Another jewel, this time printed and with a hard cover, creates a new universe around coffee. In the midst of a turbulent historical moment, the protagonist moves with his mother from Budapest to Palestine, where his uncle owns a cafe that can help them get ahead. The young man, making use of his skills on the violin, has shared his life in the cafe ever since, along with Arab, Jewish and Western immigrants, showing tolerance and peaceful environments so necessary at any time.

Café Budapest

Happy people read and drink coffee - Agnès Martin-Lugand

After the death of her husband and daughter, Diana is unable to return to real life. The literary café that she frequented, “Happy people read and drink coffee”, has not seen her there again, because pain and sadness prevent her from doing so. In the course of the work, the protagonist will move to a somewhat lonely town, however, there she will not be able to escape from the struggle of her mind, the duality between good and evil or life and death. However, happiness must come before adversity and Diana will be faced with the dilemma of choosing her new path.

la gente feliz lee y toma café

Coffee: aroma of life

If you have seen, heard or read at least two of the works that we have discussed, you surely noticed the coffee in each of them. We do not know how, but it is always capable of evoking its aroma and dozens of memories. We would love to meet yours! Tell us by DM on Instagram. You can find us as @hampeicoffee.

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