Coffee as a pre workout

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Coffee as a pre workout

Not a fan of energy drinks or supplements that are used as a pre-workout in the gym? Well, there is another solution for you. In the world, one of the most consumed substances is coffee and it is logical that its use has already been studied before training. To your surprise, coffee is very effective as a pre-workout and today we want to talk to you about its benefits, disadvantages and the optimal time to drink it.

The caffeine

Many of the coffee lovers use it to stay awake, gain energy and maintain their health. It has already been shown that coffee, in the right doses, can bring many benefits to the human body. However, is it also useful before training? Well, yes, and, in addition, it is a healthier and cheaper solution than other chemical substances.

However, we have seen that caffeine capsules have become very fashionable, but everything in excess can be harmful. In the field of sports or training, these capsules also help increase your loads, because you perceive less pain in the effort; enhances muscle contraction; It helps in the release of fats, raises testosterone and cortisol and offers more marked results after finishing the training.

What exercises can I do with pre-workout coffee?

We know that you are looking for energy to get out of bed and do your exercises. Exactly this can give you coffee and for any type of exercise. Whether you’re doing CrossFit, weights, sit-ups, lunges, squats, jogging, or just walking. Coffee also provides you with nutrients, antioxidants and performance enhancers in strength and speed exercises.

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When and how to drink my pre-workout coffee?

It is important that you know that coffee will achieve effects in your training if you consume it natural, fresh and ground, since instant and decaffeinated coffees do not help to achieve the same results. If you also dedicate yourself to competing in championships associated with sport, it is good that you know that coffee is not one of the substances prohibited by anti-doping commissions.

Now, the hours. It has been shown that the use of coffee as a pre-workout achieves better results in the afternoon than in the morning. Have your cup of coffee (WARNING: no sugar or sweeteners) between 15 and 30 minutes before your workout. Its release in the human body is prolonged, that is, it lasts about 6 hours, but its highest concentration occurs in 45 to 60 minutes and this is just the moment when we have to take advantage of it to carry out our routines.

How does coffee work before training?

There are many foods that can give you the energy you need to complete your workout, such as bananas, apples or nuts. Now, why does it help with weight loss and better performance? We tell you all the benefits of having a little boost of coffee to train.

Adrenaline: Caffeine stimulates the nervous and circulatory systems, giving your neurons the energy they need to complete the workout.

Circulation: Due to the properties of coffee, blood flow is enhanced by 30% more than normal, improving blood pressure, heart rate and heart effort when performing physical exercises.

Rest: With pre-workout coffee you avoid fatigue. Your body will be better prepared to increase repetitions, your physical performance and tolerance to physical exercise.

Fat burners: When coffee begins to act in our body, metabolism is accelerated and fatty acids are released. While fat is optimized and converted to energy, carbohydrates are maintained and muscle mass is increased.

Satiety: Coffee provides a feeling of satiety. Not only will it help you lose weight, but it also helps you consume fewer calories per day.

Can it have negative effects on the human body?

Pre-workout coffee can also have negative effects on the body, so it is important that you check if you feel any change in your body in your routines. Its consumption in large quantities can bring about insomnia, anxiety, stomach problems, nervous system disorders, hypertension or confusion when performing your daily tasks. Therefore, coffee is a dietary supplement, not a replacement for your pre-workout meals.



Sin dudas, nos encanta el café. Podríamos beberlo a cada hora y sin problema alguno antes de nuestros entrenamientos, solo recuerda que, en pequeñas cantidades, lograremos mejores efectos. se ha demostrado científicamente que el café contribuye exitosamente a nuestro plan de ejercicios, solo es cuestión de incorporarlo y adaptarnos a él 

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