Cigar and coffee: is it good to combine them?

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Cigar and coffee: is it good to combine them?

Ketchup and mustard? Milk and cereal? Coffee and cigarette? They are all duos that seem inseparable to us. But really, do all smokers drink coffee? This week we have investigated the scientific beliefs about it and its possible consequences for health. Although we find divided opinions, both can be considered addictive substances, so the ideal is to control their consumption.

Why do they combine coffee with cigarettes?

We agree that both cigarettes and coffee are highly addictive. This, of course, is due to the presence of nicotine and caffeine respectively. But the question is, why is it so common to see smokers drinking coffee? The explanation is very simple: smoking creates bad eating habits and where it should solve anxiety, a cup of coffee is placed instead of a good portion of food.

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What health risks does coffee combined with cigarettes bring?

Cardiovascular problems

Although we have referred to coffee and its antioxidant properties before, you will also know that in excess it can cause problems of hypertension, accelerated heart rate and anxiety. When mixed with cigarettes in frequent servings, the risk increases. Your coronary arteries will be the ones affected this time, blood pressure can be increased to the maximum and the rate at which the heart takes to pump blood throughout the body can be decreased. Combining coffee with cigarettes demands more oxygen and the aortic vein could become so rigid that it deteriorates ventricular function.

*Separately, coffee and cigarettes have different consequences for humans.

Sleep disturbances

Coffee, for many, affects the sleep cycle. Smoking, although it seems relaxing, also stimulates insomnia. Just imagine the combination of two such addictive substances! We are facing the true frustration of the dream. Do not eat them together, much less close to bedtime. Caffeine lasts for four hours, but cigarettes leave nicotine in the body for years, so it’s best to avoid them for a peaceful break.


Older smokers are more likely to suffer a fall fracture than non-smokers. And coffee? Well, although it is an antioxidant, it will also aggravate the situation, since it interferes with calcium intake and less is absorbed by the human intestine. Coffee and cigarette together, once again, do not bring positive consequences for you.


Esophagus cancer

The potential risk of cancer exists in each of the patients and unfortunately, an effective cure for it has not yet been discovered. What can we do then? Prevent it. The consumption of coffee and cigarettes separately have their negative consequences, but together they can increase the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus, associated with the digestive system.

General health

The diet of a smoker, in general, is very unbalanced. The cigar varies their tastes and also the perception of flavors, so they tend to eat fewer fruits and vegetables and instead, place a cup of coffee or a drink of alcohol. So your diet is even less caloric and more harmful. To this, let’s add that they perform less physical exercises and decrease their weight, so their personal image also varies negatively.

It is important not to combine coffee and cigarettes, also to improve the metabolic processes of the organism. Instead, increase the consumption of foods rich in phosphates and antioxidants that reduce the damage of cigarettes in your body. These recommendations will lead to a better general state of health and a reduction in the risk of contracting the aforementioned diseases.

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Our recommendations

After reading the opinion of several experts and recognized research centers, at Café Hampei we can recommend that you do not drink coffee while you smoke your cigar. In itself, it is not good to drink more than four cups of coffee in the day, it will be less to combine it with an exaggerated amount of cigarettes. Motivate yourself to eat healthy and counteract the effect of tobacco on your health.

Café Hampei, for those who dream a lot and sleep little.
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