Cliche? A cafe in Paris

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Cliche? A cafe in Paris

Surely there have been many movies you’ve seen or books you’ve read where the protagonist sits down to reflect and enjoy the afternoon in a cafe in Paris. And you, would you like to do it? In case one day you visit the capital of love and also of the most attractive cafes, we have prepared a small guide on the places you cannot miss and the best ways to order a coffee in Paris.

If you also like aesthetic photos, these places are definitely for you. Not only the aroma of coffee and typical Parisian sweets will accompany the best photo, but also the landscape, the apartments with a balcony, the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. Without a doubt, it is worth pausing and enjoying the history of the café you visit, the elegant place and the delicious dishes and coffees that they offer.

How are the cafes in Paris?

The cafes in Paris are very similar to the well-known Spanish terraces and their chairs are located in the direction of the street, so that tourists can appreciate everything while having a snack. But not only is this space important to enjoy the views, but you will also have the opportunity to exchange with the workers and locals and learn a little more about the place you are visiting.

Many historical figures were probably enjoying fine French cuisine when they came up with the best ideas for a character, book or movie. Thus, the intellectual atmosphere is breathed in any cafe in Paris. You can have your coffee in terraces, cafes, restaurants and even cozy bistros, from early in the morning until late at night.

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Where and how to order your coffee?

Paris is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and good taste, so if you don’t know French you should take a look at the dictionary before ordering your coffee. Of course, accustomed to tourism, they will know other languages ​​well enough to understand you, but show them that you also know about it. Now, if you say “un café s’il vous plait”, you will be served an espresso. On the contrary, “un café allongé s’il vous plait” will guarantee you a long coffee and “au lait” will add the milk. Now you know the typical places to have a coffee in Paris.

Café des Deux Moulins

If you have been following our blog for a while, you probably know the Café des Deux Moulins, because of the movie “Amelie” that we recommend. In the XVIII District of France is the cafe that integrates the unique scenery and bears its name for being located between two important mills, the Moulin Rouge and the Moulin de la Galette. It is one of the most representative cafes in the city and with excellent dishes and drinks. Safety pin!

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Café de la Paix

It is another of the popular ones in the country and is located in District IX. It is considered one of the most picturesque historical walks in the city, which was inaugurated in 1862 and hosted personalities such as Oscar Wilde, Empress Eugenia or Émilie Zola. Its architecture stands out among the Parisian streets and its coffee, although it is one of the most expensive in the area, is worth enjoying in this charming place. The emblematic cafe has its ceiling decorated by Garnier and has the merit of having survived two world wars. Resistance lives on coffee!

Café Procope

Since 1686 the oldest cafeteria in Paris has been operating. Its recognition and precedence made it frequented by important figures from different eras such as Voltaire, Rousseau and Napoleon Bonaparte. Its attraction also lies in the fact that it is a literary café and in the long stories that its workers can tell you. As a two-story cafe and restaurant, experience the magic of French coffee. How magical this dark drink!

Café de Flore

For many, it is the most famous café in Paris, home to artists such as André Breton and Ernest Hemingway. Walking through its corridors is entering the surrealism of an era that lives in the 21st century. Lovers of art and philosophy will feel fulfilled and feminists will be able to sit at the table that Simone de Beauvoir herself shared with Jean Paul Sartre. Taking poetic license: “You are not born a coffee lover, you become one.”

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Les Deux Magots

Although with a similar name, you should not confuse it with Amelie’s café, this one is located in the Saint-Germain-der-Prés square. In the early 20th century it gained in popularity and today you can still sit back and enjoy yourself and take some pictures. The “magots” are two Chinese figures that are found inside the premises and inspire all kinds of conversations. Share your essence with yours.

Café de la Rotonde

It is not a roundabout that locates the café, but a well-known portrait of Picasso from 1901. It is said that some young artists used to drink their coffee there and pay their bills with drawings. The cafe retains its bohemian touch and reveals the Parisian streets. Diego Rivera, Scott Fitzgerals and Jean Coucteau also visited the elegant art deco-style cafe. The most genuine Paris at your fingertips!

Café Le Select

Last but not least, the Le Select café continues to represent the intellectual and artistic life of Paris in the 1920s. Its warmth and traditional style lead you to try the most requested dishes of the house, the best coffees and the representation of their typical sweets. Relive the magic of the theater within its walls and experience the magic of French coffee enclosed in a small cup.

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Your journey starts here. We are sure that you have been left with a huge desire to visit the Parisian streets and drink the best coffee on its terraces. It is time to work for it and, once there, display the advice of Café Hampei and make the most perfect tasting of your favorite drink. We’d love to meet your café in Paris, so take a picture of it and share it with us on our social media.

At Café Hampei we offer you a new way of feeling.
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